Its Hot!! And What Are You Drinking? - The need and benefits of Water

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    Soft Drinks – A Strict No No

    Its very hot, the sun is scorching the earth and your throat is parched for a drop of moisture. You go pick the nearest soft drink and gulp it down, this liquid appears to have cooled down the drying throat but has it replenished the loss of liquid in your body. No, Soft drinks are said to dehydrate the body rather than hydrating it. ONLY water or fluids from vegetables and fruits can satisfy the body’s requirement.

    The Importance

    So why do we or rather our body crave for liquid or water? Our body is made up of water, our brain has 70% of water in it and our lungs hold nearly 90% of water in it. Our body loses water or fluids daily which has to be replenished from other sources ergo, THE WATER.

    Water is extremely important for your survival. A man can stay alive for a month without food but the same person stays alive for a week without water. Lack of sufficient fluid in your body can cause dehydration. Dehydration reduces the quantity of oxygen present in the blood. This forces the heart to pump even harder to compensate for the lack of oxygen and to circulate the oxygenated blood all over the body.

    While water is very important for the survival of the body, they also have other attractive benefits that might compel you to take a sip.

    The Benefits

     Water can play a major weapon in your weight loss program. Drinking a glass of water before a meal makes you eat less food as water gives a “full “feeling moreover it is said that water helps in faster metabolism.

     Water helps us to dissolve fats and fiber. Water that’s drinking sufficient quantity of water prevents constipation and lessen the burden on Kidney and liver by throwing out the waste products.

     Water can reduce the chance of contracting bladder cancer. The more you drink water, the more you will be flushing out the waste as urine. This prevents carcinogen from building up in the bladder. Though there is not enough proof, constant intake of water may reduce the chances of getting Colon cancer too.

     Water lubricates our joints and keeps it supple and healthy. The cartilage binding the joints are almost entirely made of water. Therefore it is very important to stay hydrated.

    Too Much of Water is also Bad!

    Anything in excess can be bad and so is the case with the water. Do not take more than necessary. You can find this out by simple test, if the color of your urine is pale straw color- you have enough water in your body. If the color is deep orange or golden you ought to down a glass or two.

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