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    [​IMG]Nobody wants to look 10 years older. But could you be doing things that are ageing you without you even realising it? In this article, Beauty and Tips investigates.
    Age. It’s something many of us have been obsessed with for years. When we were younger we wanted to look older, and as we got older we wanted to look younger! From being obsessed with makeup that helps us pass for 18 to being obsessed with makeup that makes us look 25 again, we’re all trying to take how we look into our own hands.
    The thing is that there are certain things that speed up the ageing process and other things that put the brakes on. If you do the right things each day, you can slow things down, so that you stay looking fresh faced and vibrant for as long as possible. Let’s take a look at 10 daily actions and things that make you look older.

    Passing on Water
    It’s 7am, you’re awake and thirsty. What do you do? Most of us make a fresh pot of coffee. Most of us pass on water. Water is crucial to staying young looking. It properly hydrates your skin and you should aim to drink at least 5 glasses per day.
    You Indulge Too Much
    Do you think you indulge too much? Or are you not sure? A candy bar here and a chocolate treat there might not seem like much at the time, but this kind of indulgence can be hard to track – and it can really accelerate the ageing process. When we talk about indulgence, we tend to mean sugary treats: ice cream, donuts and the like. It tastes great, it makes us feel good and makes the perfect accompaniment to movies and chill time with our partner, but sugars causes inflammation that, over time, causes disease and speeds up the ageing process. Sugar leaves its mark everywhere, from fine lines to puffy eyes, as this is one of major things that make you look older. It’s not cool. If you’re consistent about avoiding sugar you can slow down the ageing process.

    Being Lazy
    It’s 3pm on a Sunday and you’re STILL on the couch? It might be chill day but a sedentary life is one of those things that make you look older.
    You Don’t Sleep Enough
    What are your thoughts on sleep? Are you a “sleep is for the weak” type of person? Or do you crave as much sleep as possible? Sleep is super important for our body. Snatching 3-4 hours of sleep per night because you’re a busy person might sound cool at the time and you might even wake up feeling okay, but in the long term, a lack of sleep is putting your health and beauty at major risk. When we sleep, our bodies detoxify and heal. Ever gone to bed feeling lousy and woken up feeling fine? That’s because your body heals while you sleep. Moreover, your body also produces the human growth hormone as you sleep, and this is key to looking young. If you’ve ever needed an excuse to sleep more, surely preserving your youthful looks is it!
    Ordering Takeaways
    Let’s admit it, we’ve all returned home from work with no meal plan and decided to order a takeaway instead. Sometimes, we’ll do it each day. If we can afford it, there’s no stopping us! Ordering fatty, greasy takeaways regularly is one of the easiest ways to age faster. From now on, prepare a weekly meal plan, so you’re never caught short.
    Not Exercising

    Lack of exercise is another one of those things that make you look older and that we can easily change. Maybe you exercise every now and then. Perhaps once a week. That might sound fine in theory but skipping exercise each day could be a major fail, if you don’t want to look older than you are. People who look fab even as they enter their forties tend to exercise each day. There’s simply no getting around this. Diet and working out are key to looking young and being in good physical shape. If you don’t want to age so fast, it’s time to hit the gym each day.
    You Enjoy a Glass of Wine Each Night
    “Of course I enjoy a glass of wine each night,” you might counter. “It’s my way of winding down after a long and stressful day at work.” That’s fair enough. But drinking each day is a bad habit that can make us look a lot older than we really are. Alcohol dehydrates us (ever woken up after a night of drinking with a huge thirst?), but what a lot of people don’t tend to think about is that it dehydrates our skin. When our skin becomes parched, we might experience wrinkles, fine lines and acne. Not cool. Try a month or more without alcohol and see how you look and feel, as alcohol could easily score the first place in the list of things that make you look older.
    Letting Stress Get The Better of You
    Stress is another one of things that make you look older. We know what you’re thinking. “It’s okay for you to say that I let stress get on top of me, but how am I supposed to avoid it, when I’m around so many stressful situations?” We all get stressed at some point or another. Some of us have bigger stressors than others, and some of us are in the firing line more than most. However, because stress can change your cells, so that you begin to age much faster than you ordinarily would, it’s important that you find a way of de-stressing. Take a break from work if possible. Switch your laptop off at least an hour before bed. Take a social media detox. Try yoga. Change your diet and calm your mind.

    If it’s summer time where you are right now, you might be happily soaking up the sun’s rays on the daily. Hey, we all love the sun, even us here at Beauty and Tips. But as great as the sun feels on our body, the truth is that it’s also really bad for our skin. In fact, the sun’s UV rays are some of the worst things that could ever come into contact with your skin. They put you at risk of cancer, but they also weaken your blood vessels and skin cells which can speed up the ageing process.
    Lastly, if you smoke you know the score on this one. Smoking can cause lung cancer, but even if it doesn’t, it’s going to age you super fast.
    Do you have other thoughts on things that make you look older?

    Stay happy and healthy!

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