10 Tips to Look 10 Years Younger Naturally

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    Hello fountain of youths! This post is going to give you some natural proven tricks to make you look 10 years younger naturally.
    Who doesn’t want to retain that youthful, glowing skin forever? But I’m sure this is one of the toughest job most of you must be facing due to today’s stressful and busy urban life style.
    We all are striving hard to retain that healthy, bright and younger looking skin. To achieve this most of you must be trying those hundreds of expensive products available in the market. But I’m more than quite sure that you are not getting that ultimate result you have been longing for. The main reason most of the time is, the visible results don’t stay for long and wane away in a while.
    We all are craving for that healthy skin to stays with us forever. And for that we’ll have to get that healthy skin from inside. Here I have provided some very easy and simple methods for you to obtain and retain the youthful looking skin which will for sure make you look 10 years younger naturally.

    Ten Tips to Look 10 Years Younger Naturally

    1. Keep Your Skin Hydrated All the Time
    Our body is made up of more than half of water which we use for all the body functions and most important nutrient for our body.​
    If you are not hydrated properly, your skin becomes dry whereas hydrated skin will retain more moisture. Moist skin for sure will look younger. Your skin will become suppler and will increase the elasticity which will make your skin look more firm and toned. The enhanced elasticity on your skin reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines as the lined surface will be smoothened.
    Try the following steps to look and feel younger from inside out:
    • To remain hydrated drink enough water. It is the best calorie-less method to keep you hydrated. You must have heard the advice many times that ‘Drink 8 Ounce glasses of water a day’. That’s an easy to remember reasonable goal anyone can achieve.
    • Drink 2 glasses of Luke warm water the first thing in the morning when you get up.
    • Keep water with you in a recyclable bottle to keep yourself hydrated for the whole day.
    • Install an app in your phone to get reminders for drinking water.
    • Prepare infused water drinks with slices of fruits and herbs to make water something more interesting to drink. For this please refer to my post on infused water recipes.

    2. Stay Away from the Damaging Effect of Sun

    Exposer to the sun is one of the main reasons which can attribute 90% of the visible changes attributed to skin aging. The ultra violet rays of the sun is the primary cause of degradation of skin texture and reduced skin elasticity which causes skin pigmentation, sun spots, wrinkles and other sign of skin aging.
    Try these methods to protect your skin from future wrinkles:
    • Always wear protective clothing, covering maximum part of your body to avoid the UV rays.
    • Wear sunglasses and hats.
    • Use the correct sun screen for your skin even if it is cloudy and cold outside. (Always try the sunscreen lotions on your forearms for few days as a skin test before applying it on your face. If it burns or causes redness stop using it immediately.)
    • Once your skin is already damaged, use various natural home-made remedies to reduce the skin tanning/darkening. Refer to my post ‘home-made remedies for skin tanning’
    The above measures will for sure help you to get back your attractive and younger looking skin.

    3. Green Tea – The Best Remedy for Anti-Aging
    Green tea has large amount of catechin which are the most natural form of antioxidants. The main sign of aging we all are scared of are wrinkles. The wrinkles are formed because of free radicals which damage the healthy cells by reducing them and breaking down the level of collagen. Collagen is the most important part of your skin to keep it young and various studies have shown green tea has the power to delay the collagen aging. It is now a proven fact world-wide that people who drink green tea on regular basis are less likely to get wrinkles.
    Try green tea as a refreshing drink and also as a face pack to look 10 years younger naturally.
    • Make hot cup of refreshing green tea and consume it at least 5 cups a day.
    • Add various other anti-aging ingredients like cinnamon and honey to make the drink tastier and more effective.
    • Use it as a face pack, use the damp green tea bag daily on your face and neck area before going to bed at night, wash it off with normal water after 30minutes.
    • You can also use the ice cubes of green tea. For this fill up the ice tray with green tea and once the ice is formed, apply the cube on your face and neck in circular motion.
    You can use green tea as an anti-aging treatment freely. It is definitely more effective than any other counter medicines. Protect your skin with this readily available product in the market which is absolutely natural and can surely reverse your aging process.

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