15 Tips to Lose Weight in 10 Days Naturally

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    Many of you are for sure trying to lose weight fast for that holiday you have been longing for. To enjoy it the most with full confidence and to slither into your bathing suit, you are trying religiously to shed off that extra pounds and get back to shape.
    Most of us have been trying hard all sorts of diet plans and fitness tips to be able to fit in our old denims. While some of you are able to achieve it instantly, many of you just struggle and struggle even after adopting extreme measure and slowly give up all hopes!
    The fact is losing weight isn’t a rocket science, but only if do it in a correct and easier manner. My 15 secrets are here not only to lose weight fast but also enjoy the whole process of achieving it.
    My 15 Tips to Lose Weight in 10 Days​

    1. Kick Start Your Day With a Warm Glass of Water
    To reduce weight real fast you’ll have to compromise with your taste bud and start your day with warm water and keep your caffeinated drinks aside. Warm water increases body temperature which in turn increases metabolic rate. An increase metabolic rate allows the body to burn more calories throughout the day.
    To suit your taste buds and even better results you can add lemon and honey or apple cider vinegar which will help breaking down adipose tissue (body fat) in your body giving glow to your skin,

    2. Start Your Day With Workout
    To get an instant and fast result for weight loss, set up your alarm 30 minutes early and schedule any form of workout. Studies have shown that people who exercise early in the morning are relatively slimmer and healthier than the ones who work out later in the day.

    A morning exercise is just like an breakfast in which you get your metabolism going. In simple terms you exercise in the morning and you actually keep burning the exercise whole day long.
    Tips: If you have lower blood pressure issues, have a banana before you start your morning regime.

    3. Eat Meals at Home

    For a few days avoid the parties and eating out with friends and family. By eating at home you can control the intake of fattening ingredients like sugar, oil, salt etc. which otherwise goes inside your body without and keeps on increasing your fat intakes. You’ll be amazed to see the result that how you can reduce those extra pounds within a few days by doing this.

    4. Carry Your Own Snacks

    Most of us are able to control our main meals but it is snacks where we give up. It is that craving for snacks which leads us to the unhealthy fast foods and jeopardizes all our work out schedules. Try to carry few snacks at your work place or on the go. Make small packs of healthy snacks like sprouts, fruits, nuts, plain yogurt, whole wheat bread sandwiches, cubes of cottage cheese, sugar free chocolates etc. and experience the amazing results.

    5. An Apple a Day Keeps Your Fat Away
    Eating fruits everyday can for sure help you to reduce weight and apple is one of my favorites. According to recent studies it has been proved that apple contains digestible compounds that promote the growth of good bacteria in your gut which is associated with one of the main cause of weight loss. So make apples your best friends for few days and have 2/3 apples a day to shed off that extra pounds fast.

    Note: How an apple works: The fibers in apple remain undigested until they are fermented in the colon. There they act as food for friendly bacteria and help the body to fight away the bad bacteria that thrives on junk and fattening food.

    6. Stop Food Fancy

    This one of my best trick to shed off that extra fat easily. When you are craving for some snack, visualize the food you detest the most and if you are not feeling like having it, that means you aren’t hungry it is just you are bored. The fact is thinking about food all the time when you have not much to do, can be taxing your weight loss schedule. Instead engage in some fun activities or your favorite hobbies like reading a book, listening to music, watching a movie or read some articles with tips to weight loss!

    7. Throw Away All The Unhealthy Food from Home
    The moment you finish reading this article, just go to your kitchen and throw away all the unhealthy food from your kitchen cabinets. It is just impossible to resist if you have those unhealthy but taste bud tantalizers within your reach. Just do away with the unhealthy evil processed food. No one in your family needs these unhealthy, processed and packaged foods. Only a way to avoid them is stop buying them and storing them in your kitchen shelves.

    8. Never Skip Breakfast

    In your haste to reduce weight never sip breakfast. It is the most important meal of the day and can help you reduce weight only if is taken right. Keep this one meal of the day non oily and healthy. Have a protein rich, high fiber breakfast along with fruits of your choice and hot non sugary beverages.
    Include healthy smoothies in your breakfast which are best for detoxification and can take care of your hunger for a long time.

    9. Make Drinking Water a Habit

    For all time to come become a water baby and lead a perfect healthy life. Increase your fluid intake in all forms ….let it be just a glass of water after every one hour or non-sugary juices or detoxifying drinks. Include incredible summer fruits and vegetables that have 95% of water in your diet. The metabolic rate can be increased by 45% just by increasing water intake on daily basis.

    10. Fantasize Your Ideal Weight

    Think of yourself at your dream weight with that picture perfect figure. Fantasize yourself in that dream dress of yours. The best way to achieve your weight loss goal in 30 days is to have that positive mindset that……Yes….. I can do it and enjoy the whole process of achieving it’! Never doubt your will power… take it to the right direction and be ready to experience the healthier, happier and leaner you in no time!

    11. Stay Away From All Kind of Stress
    Most people gain weight when stressed due to the release various hormones in the body. These hormones can hinder your weight loss goals. Hence, it is always advisable to take out sometime to distress every day for 15-20 minutes to achieve that dream weight fast.

    You can free yourself from all the stress and worries by performing yoga, meditation or by being indulged in your favorite hobby.

    12. Sleep An Extra Hour More

    For the healthy weight loss plan, it is essential to get 7-8 hours’ sleep and rest to relax your body. This is important as an sound sleep always refreshes your mind and body and gives you energy that your body needs during your weight loss diet plans.

    13. Be Medically Fit

    It is very important to be medically sound before starting any sort of weight loss plans. Get your blood biochemistry for thyroid and vitamins like vitamin D and vitamin B 12 checked before you start any kind of regime to reduce weight. If the blood levels aren’t within the normal range, it would adversely affect your health and weight loss efforts as well.

    14. Guzzle a Little Bit Less
    Alcohol delivers seven calories per liter…..more than any form of carbs (four calories per gram)……without actually giving your body any form of essential nutrients. And while enjoying your drink most of the time you tend to give up all your inhibitions against oily fish and chips and that late night pizza stop a go.

    In other words drinking makes you more likely to land up eating those fattening snacks and you give up on all your hard work to reduce weight. Hence to achieve your dream waistline in 10 days it is advisable to lock your bar cabinet for a few days and instead enjoy non sugary fresh fruit juices to quench your thirst for alcoholic drinks.

    15. Enjoy Your Sex Life to the Fullest

    Yes you read it correct! Something which is never counted as an cardio otherwise has proved to be one of the best methods to reduce weight.
    Studies have proved that women burn about 3.6 calorie per minute while indulging into sex.
    The main benefit of a satisfying sex is, it can increase the output of neurotransmitters like serotonin and dopamine, which naturally reduces your stress and as a result takes care of all your cravings for those unhealthy snacks. An amazing sexual experience for at least 20 mins for the next 10 days can actually do wonders in distressing your mind and shed off those extra pounds fast.
    I am sharing my daily diet plan with you. Follow this religiously with some healthy variations and you will for sure achieve your goals in no time.

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